Deadline Looming

Must Finish Soon

Spoiled Brat

I have the best fuck buddy in the whole wide world, I am treated like the princess that I should be. We have a no strings attached relationship but he does spoil me often. He takes me out to eat at classy food chains a couple of times a week. I see all the new released movies that we are interested in as soon as they come out. My rent is paid up ahead of time for the entire year! I am only responsible for my utilities, cell phone bill and my care insurance. He gave me his 2010 Mustang that is paid off in full and I am just sitting back and loving life.

The only thing that I have to do is please him when he wants to be pleased. I think that is not to hard to ask because I have everything handed right to me!

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Bring in The New Year

I am excited to be bringing in the new year with close friends, family and a date from Brighton escorts. I was not going to call for a date at first, but I decided that since everyone else will have a significant other at the party, I should have someone as well. I could easily deal with showing up alone, but I find more comfort in knowing that I will not be the only one at the party without a date. For some reason it seems a little on the embarrassing side to me. So the far the nights events include the ball drop, a homemade dinner made by my mother, music, dancing and hopefully lots of laughter. It has been years since I have joined in on a large celebration on New Years and I have to say I am very pumped about the entire situation.

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The begining of a limitless career

With all of the country slowly turning to self employment as not only a dream, but a reality, I have decided that I am going to take my shot at it as well. With businesses around the world starting every day, I am going to focus my efforts on making a profit with escort web design. By doing this, after I get all of the software and training that I need I will no longer need to rely on a supplier for anything.

I love that the world of technology gives us devices that we can create limitless products with nothing but the time of our day. I cannot wait to begin my career in this field, because I have a friend who makes a six figure salary when he only works three days a week. I was born for this career and there is so much potential waiting for me.

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Someone That is Suitable Please

I have been doing horrible in the guy department lately and it is all do to my lack of confidence and willingness to try new things. I wanted to go out this weekend, but before I do, I need to call my friend that works for Manchester escorts. She is good at giving helpful tips on how to act on a date on and what I should avoid saying. I figure that her help would be beneficial to me actually scoring a date Friday night. I have gotten tired of blind dates and setups. They always turn out horrible and I end up saying and doing all the wrong things. So I decided that this time I would venture out on my own and try to meet someone without the help from a friend or family member. Maybe this way I will find someone suitable for me, or just someone that is compatible as a friend.

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Forced to Get Along

My boss is throwing a celebration at his house this weekend for the companies 50th anniversary. We are all able to bring our wives/husbands or whoever else we see fit to attend the event with us. I do not have a significant other so I am bringing a woman from the Leicester escort agency. I do not think anyone will notice where she is from, but if they do, oh well, it is my date not theirs. My co-workers are very high maintenance, so most of the time we struggle to get along. I am down to earth and very open-minded to what life has to offer. All of them are stuck up and only agree with the things they say, which is unethical. So needless to say, this party will be very interesting, as we will all be forced to get along and have a good time at our boss’s house for the evening.

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